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Good-bye 2014

CV - She ran down the forest slope

Time to celebrate the end of my very long month of December Doctor Madness. It was time for my final appointment of the year!

look who's celebrating with me... 

My final appointment was also my final appointment. It was my last OT visit until I need them again. Basically, I was finished until my arm decided to flare up more than normal or in a way that I could not manage myself. Fingers crossed it won't!!!

While I do not want to need the treatment, I will miss my OT therapist like crazy. She has become such a great friend and supporter. Not only has she provided me with hour long boobie massages (or manual lymphatic massages for those technical people), she has really spent that time encouraging and pushing me onward. I really will miss our hour long visits. I miss her already!!!

While I could have continued on with my OT treatments I needed a financial break. With the new year only a day away, so was my new deductible. Very little makes me worry, but the costs of living... that scares me!!

Knowing that my prescription costs would increase soon, I attempted to get everything refilled before the end of the month. When I picked up one of my prescription... it dawned on me... I realized how much I will be hating January. I am really going to be hating January!!!

Wow! These tiny pills are expensive.

Yep, that is an actual copy of my receipt for one medicine... and only for one month. I will be spending close to $400-$500 next month for just this prescription. Of course, I also have five to six others I will be paying for as well. And as a bonus, one of my other prescription is only slightly less than this one. So, I will be spending almost $900-$1000 a month for prescriptions for the first few months of the year until my deductible or out of pocket has been met. I could really have a nicer house or even a second house with just my prescription bills each month?!?!?

drugs are expensive... even legal ones!!!

I do not think I ever realized the continued costs that are associated with the after affects of cancer. I never imagined that all of my aggressive treatment for aggressive cancer would leave me with chronic medical conditions. Cancer is destructive in so many ways, and continues to cause havoc even after treatment... for some!

Blah. Blah. Boring cancer, fibromyalgia, arthritis costs rant. Blah. Blah.

I could go on forever about costs and cancer and chronic pain and all those daily annoyances. But like anything, lingering on the negative too long is unhealthy. Acknowledging it is healthy. Lingering on it is unhealthy. So, I move on. I move on until I need to rant again... and again...and again..

Finding positives in the midst of negatives is one of my strongest assets! And something I have found very handy in life. Within the chaos of this month, I was still able to visit with my amazing family and celebrate the holiday with them.

sometimes the positives are easy to find...

Not only did we visit and climb trees. Each holiday we draw names for gift giving. I was lucky enough to get a fancy new Lymphediva's sleeve and some make up from my sister-in-law. She really spoiled me this year! Plus, it is about time I started to look alive again!!!

modeling my new sleeve...

My mom even got me some special massacre which is seriously working. I am getting longer eyelashes. I have had such great results with the Grande LashMD products. Not only have my eyelashes started to come back so have my eyebrows. I think I need to actually pluck!?!?!

it is official... some lashes have grown back!

Side note: I do not get any special free products or money from them, I do not even think the company knows I exist. However, I want to share that the product has worked for me... and I am just glad to have some eyelashes again!!

I am ending this year as busy as I started... but at least I am celebrating the new year with some hair...

a lot has changed & it has been busy 
from January to December...

In My Head...

I am so glad that this year is over!

how I felt this year!

It has been a very long year...

A year of radiation. A year of cancer hormone therapy. A year of occupational therapy. A year of new doctor specialists. A year of new diagnoses. A year of fighting to live with joy, happiness, and laughter!!!

“Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.” 
- Brad Paisley

Episode Reference: Dirty Paws, Of Monsters and Men song
- amazing video -
plus, I felt like I was that running beast all year
so long 2014
hoping next year has slightly less running


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