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Good-bye 2014

CV - She ran down the forest slope Time to celebrate the end of my very long month of December Doctor Madness. It was time for my final appointment of the year! look who's celebrating with me...   My final appointment was also my final appointment . It was my last OT visit until I need them again. Basically, I was finished until my arm decided to flare up more than normal or in a way that I could not manage myself. Fingers crossed it won't!!!

The missing gyno appointment

Episode CIV - don't you forget about me *** Really should be Episode CII 1/2 *** I was so busy with my many doctor's I completely forgot to include my doctor's appointment on Monday. I have been so crammed packed with doctor's I forgot I went to the Gyno the day before I went to the Neurologist. I do not even think I know what I have done for the fact that I have done so much. Who am I? Where I am? When is it? Will my craziness end??? So it seems a few days ago, basically the day before my Neurologist appointment, I spent another day at the doctors... picture proof I was up and ready... It was time to go for my annual gyn appointment. Come on... December Doctor Madness would not be complete unless I was poked and prodded in almost every way!

New-rologist... more delusional hope

Episode CIII - I can't control my brain December Doctor Madness might just be turning it to madness! It was time to meet with the Neurologist and go over my MRI results, right?   Wrong!   ready to see what is going on up there... Seriously, what is up with my luck this month????

So Very Frustrated...

Episode CII - never get tired of trying I might need some type of sedative before the week is over. Seriously... can I get a doctor to prescribe me something... and make it something strong!!! Monday I had the rushed MRI at the location I did not want, for what? I never got a call about the appointment with the Neurologist. Since they rushed the process you would assume that an appointment would have been made. Right???

Brain MRI... someone thinks something is there???

Episode CI - insane in the brain... Can nothing ever be super easy or go smoothly? Since the computers where down at my last doctor's appointments I was unable to schedule anything. Not the Onc follow-up, MRI, or Neurologist appointments. The nurses told me the receptionist would call with those. So, I waited and finally got word about my MRI. However, that first call was only the beginning of what was a mess of appointments and phone calls and craziness...

Another round of doctors..

Episode C - Can't Stop This week is suppose to be my last week of appointments until the end of the year. So my December Doctor Madness tour was going to include my OT, Oncologist, & Family doctor. My OT appointments are so standard now that it just seems like my normal routine. Instead, I was really focused on my what my doctors would say. Last appointments of the year... or it was supposed to be!!! First Up... Oncology!

Triappointments... CT/OT/BoneScan

Episode XCIX - I've been looking so long at these pictures of you... My 3rd, 4th, & 5th appointments on the December Doctor Madness tour all happened today and the first one was early. I had to rush everyone in the house to keep on task and to keep moving... we were going to be late! Run. Run. Run. Hurry. Hurry. Hurry. 

I'm the 1%... a medical oddity

Episode XCVIII - I'm a weirdo! My 2nd appointment during the December Dr. Madness visits was to the Radiation Oncologist. Thank goodness it was just a follow-up visit. Time to check out my boobs, again! Going to another appointment... The Radiation Oncology group has multiple offices. There is one in the cancer center... it's nice. One at a hospital with valet parking... it's super nice. And there is one in the basement of a medical tower below the actual building... that is where they put me. They want to hide me!!! While the other offices are definitely fancier, I love my group in the basement. We are a bunch of outcasts, misfits, and troublemakers. I fit in perfectly.

Squish goes the right boob...

Episode XCVII - come on and squeeze me... It is the last month of 2014 and I am officially renaming it December Doctor Madness month. It is part bad timing and part my own fault. Since I have spent so much money on doctors over the past two years I wanted any my test scheduled for the first two weeks of January moved to December. I was hoping that because I have already reached my out-of-pocket maximum that I would save myself a few thousands at the first of the year. Bring the madness...