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Doctor... doctor we did have an appointment???

Episode LXVII - Success is failure turned inside out... It was time for my long waited, I have finished treatment, doctor follow-up. I arrived at the cancer center to see my Oncologist... or so I thought. When I signed in the receptionist did not ask for a payment and everyone knows when you see the doctor they want your co-pay. $$ I had to question, asking why she wasn't taking a payment. Apparently, they only had me down for blood work?!?!

35 Purple Balloons

Episode LXVI - 35 purple balloons fly by... There was a knock at my door? I opened it to see a bunch of purple balloons. My brother drove in from out of town to surprise me after I finished treatment. Not only did he want to celebrate he wanted me to release the balloons as a way to let go. Let my radiation treatment fly away... far, far away...

Final Radiation

Episode LXV: It's a beautiful day!!! I cannot believe it has been over 7 weeks... and it was finally my last day of radiation. I was thrilled that it was the last day that I would have to get zapped... hopefully forever!! Even though I was excited it was a Monday... it also meant trying to get the kids up, fed and to school on time. A chaotic and normal Monday. And by all accounts, it was going to be a very successful day!

Radiation Week 7

Episode LXIV: It burned like fire, this burning desire It was suppose to be my last week. With last week's weather causing me to miss an appointment, I was going to have to wait until Monday for my final radiation treatment. I really wanted Friday to be my last treatment day. However, I still was so close... so very close... to being finished with radiation. week 7 & 34 zaps down... I was definitely feeling rough. I was tired. The fatigue was truly exhausting. Any time I could fall asleep I did. I was finally understanding the point of taking an afternoon siesta... and I really needed one.

Radiation Week 6

Episode LXIII: I'm radioactive, radioactive... Another week of radiation was over. Unfortunately and fortunately we had a "snow day" which caused the office to close. Unfortunately - because I only got 4 treatments and will have to carry my final treatment to a Monday. Fortunately - because my skin was soooo bad that I really needed time off. 6 weeks... 29 zaps down!

Radiation Week 5

Episode LXII: He knew how to handle pain... Another week down... only a couple to go! 5 weeks & 25 zaps down! As usual, I made my way to the treatment facility every morning and hopped on the table. Each day was similar to the next. The daily grind included me only being up there for around 20 minutes, at most. Compared to chemo - it was short. However, a lot of pain can be packed into a short punch!