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my longest hardest day yet

Get ready boys and girls... today is a doozy. And a long post too! But before we begin on one of the toughest days I've ever done, let's recap. Mon: Irritating Onc day where I was not told about suspicious fluid around lung/heart in time to get a biopsy & I got contradicting info from his NP the week before.  Tues: Spending the morning getting Immunotherapy and 2 Chemotherapies before going straight to the airport to fly to Houston and enduring long rental car lines and afternoon heavy traffic. A few more checks off this weeks list... a few more to go: Now back to my Wednesday... the Humpday I would like to forget! So, after 8 hours of cancer treatment, flying, and travel in congested Houston the day before, I didn't have much rest because we had to start Wednesday early. My husband and I decided to walk to the medical center since our hotel was close. However, it was not necessarily the easiest or closest walk - tons of traffic, intersections, and some strange indivi
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QUICK RECAP Monday was a let's check in with Oncologist - only to get annoyed that I was not told about suspicious fluid around lung/heart found on 10/5 CT before now, the Onc said I could get a biopsy when his NP told me I couldn't the week before, and now it was probably too late get the biopsy since it may be gone because we waited too long. And my official check-in pre-visit appointment phone call with MD Anderson. My Checklist at the Start of Tuesday: Still a Lot to Do! TUESDAY Today is going to be a loooonnnggg day! I started with an early morning chemotherapy time, getting to the facility while it was still dark outside, around 6:35am... It was weirdly silent... I was the only one in the building (except for a security guard) for a bit. I was actually concerned that my 6:45/7am scheduled time for chemotherapy was incorrect and just randomly sitting at the cancer center.  I was even there before the front desk check-in staff arrived. Normally, the place is packed. So, wh

time to hold my beer

FYI - it's the start of a crazy week! Grab your drink, take a sip, and hold on tight - this week is going to be brutal!  I am scheduled for doctor's appointments every day this week - plus, it is my long 2 chemotherapies & immunotherapy treatment week on the same day I am flying to Houston, TX for my MD Anderson testing/doctor meeting week. Check Out My Week: I am going to need every bit of strength and energy I can find to get through this week. Originally, I was stubborn and said I could do the MD Anderson by myself... I reconsidered. While I could do, should I do it? I decided it was just too much for me while already in the throws of cancer treatment. MONDAY First off was the Oncologist. It is funny because I am excited when I learn something new... and no matter how many times you do this, each cancer gives you some lessons. Today, I learned something about my Port.  I am getting labs on Monday and treatment on Tuesday. Part of me didn't want to get poked in my por

cancer walk 2023

I am so proud of my family. They all participated in a local 5K cancer walk. Plus, we ran into some of our friends who were there in honor of me and other cancer fighters too! I felt so lucky.