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Last of Neulasta!!!

XLIX - it feels like this has gone on forever... Neulasta Shot #8 I had a rough night of side effects. The last chemo did a lasting number on me!! However, there was no time to dwell on the nausea, pain, or discomfort... it was time for the dreaded Neulasta shot. The LAST Neulasta shot... the FINAL shot!!!! I am thrilled that it was the last Neulasta... hopefully ever!!! I took the shot and I took the consequences. I spent the week feeling horrible. I was so miserable that I even opted to sleep in rather than get up to help my mom get the kids ready for school. I continued to be so miserable that I opted to stay in bed rather than get up when they got home to help my mom check on homework. My main goal of the week was to painfully make my way out of bed and attempt to eat dinner with my family, even if it was in the lazy-boy rather than at the dinner table. That tiny goal took many days to accomplish. Mostly I spent the days hurting or sleeping, and using the heating pad al

Final Chemo!!

XLVIII - I will survive! Taxotere #12 I cannot believe it, the final chemo! My last time to get up super early, lidocaine my port area, and cover it in saran wrap in the wee hours of the morning! The last time that I will have to readjust that saran wrap multiple times because it got moved during the morning chaos in my house. The last time to wear one of my designated 3 tank tops for the sole purpose of keeping my IV line from hooking on my shirt! A happy Monday for me!!! About to leave for the final chemo...

Another one bites the dust...

XLVII - I will get by. I will survive. Taxotere #11 So, I am getting down to it... only 2 more treatments to go. As usual I was up early and preparing my port to help make the needle experience slightly less painful. And as most days the two hours I was up early did me no good - I still was running around trying to get kids ready for school and me out the door. The chaos to get my son on the school bus (which comes extremely early) and my daughter to the neighbors for a ride would make any "non-sick" person crazy... much less me!! What? Only 2 more to go!!!

What's up with radiation?

XLVI - I am a weapon of mass destruction... I was scheduled for a short appointment to meet with the Radiation Oncologist so that I could learn more about radiation and what that would mean for my breast cancer. Like all new doctor's I was required to fill out massive paperwork and go over my medical history, as well as my entire family's medical history. I carry a large paperwork binder that carries all of my records for my entire cancer treatment. It has all my many doctors and all of the copies of scans and paperwork organized by each one. It also carries a very important section of information I created, a written copy of my medical history and my family's history. It has all my surgery dates as well as my diagnosis & test dates. I have learned that I have had too much going on to remember it all in my head!

The beginning of the end... of chemo

XLV - It's the final countdown... Taxotere #10 Up and at it again!!! As usual, I did my port preparation and headed out the door for the last of my Taxotere (3 to go) as well as a scheduled doctor's visit. Since I was having a meeting with the Oncologist my husband decided to go along to help remember all the "next steps" we were going to have to do. We have been so wrapped up in chemo treatments that we really have no idea about what is next...

Week 21 Update - Happy Birthday to Me!

XLIV - With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come What a great week to have off! My birthday happened to fall on the week without chemo treatment. Instead I got spoiled with some treats and a visit from some of my family... Birthday surprises... snacks & visitors... In addition to celebrating another year alive (bonus), I had surprise packages sent my way. It was always exciting to have unexpected mail and be showered with warm wishes and occasional gifts. Shoes and hats were given courtesy of my aunt who has throughout my treatment showered me with thoughtful items and loving thoughts.

... their ain't no easy way out

Episode XLIII - I will stand my ground and I won't back down Neulasta Shot #7 The dreaded shot day had arrived! There was only one way to go into the shot to make it better and that was with a lot of love and humor. So, I forced my hubby and kids to take silly, happy pictures with me! Forced might be the most accurate word, as if I would have given the chance to say no. I knew I was going to go down from the shot - I would go down fighting, and get some family love time first!!!