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Sex Ed 101

Vol. 2 - Learn your body Before you can understand why something isn't functioning they way you want, it is important to understand how it works. So, get prepared to be either curious, uncomfortable, bored, or re-informed (or all). Consider this a brief introduction into Female Sex Ed 101. Instead of giving you a full course (or many courses), I am going to try to highlight the important aspects of understanding how our female bodies work. Sexual health and anatomy are more complicated then my brief introduction, but I want to share my Cliff-note's version with you. Name that part...  Women come in all shapes and sizes. I figure you probably know that. And since we have been dealing with breast cancer, I know you understand we have breasts (sensual spots & milk factories). We also have... Fallopian Tubes (travel tubes for eggs). Ovaries (hormone function & egg control). Uterus (baby short term housing). Cervix (gateway from vagina to uterus). Vagina (po

Let's talk about sex

Vol. 1 - The elephant in the room The problem is we don't talk about sex, or even worse, about sexual problems. No one really wants to think about that part of our overall health, but sexual health is part of one's total health. To be honest, I don't even think any of my doctors has even brought up the topic. Not during pre-treatment, treatment, or post-treatment... it's been let's not talk about sex. Talking about sex is the elephant in the room. Let's be honest, our first priority tends to be surviving and managing cancer treatment. Sex is not exactly our first or even second thought. I am pretty sure that your first question after hearing you have cancer is not, "So let's talk about how that is going to affect me, sexually." Well, even if you do not ask that immediately, cancer affects sexuality. The impact on sex happens pretty fast. There are many hits to one's sexual self: fertility, physical changes from hair loss to bod