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Chemo + Strep = Long Week

Episode XXXVI - Well the landslide will bring it down... Taxotere Dose #5 Overall, chemotherapy has become pretty standard. I have gotten used to the routine and am more prepared for what each treatment will be like. Each session builds on the other and each week creates stronger reactions to treatment. I had an off week after my first full Taxotere doses, so that time my reaction would be slightly less intense than the next two treatments. Each treatment would bring new challenges and make old ones more difficult. In the end it really does not matter what treatment brings because I will do whatever comes my way.  Bring it!

Getting chemofide...

Episode XXXV - It's just another manic Monday Taxotere Dose #4 What a great way to start my day, getting the kids ready for their first day back to school. My oldest was off to 8th grade. My youngest was going to 1st grade. There was a lot of excitement and some nervousness in the house. But as you can see... they were mostly happy!   Our family on the first day back to school! As soon as I dropped the kids off at school I headed directly to the cancer center. I was not able to go to all the fun I-am-an-awesome-and-involved-parent coffee and breakfast events. Instead, I was off for a visit with the doctor and a dose of chemo. I usually drive myself to chemo, which seems to surprise people. I guess they expect me to be more in need, but usually I feel relatively normal until a few hours afterwards. I have always been strong willed which can work for me or against me, depending on how I use it!

Week 13 Update... let the Taxotere begin!

Episode XXXIV - ... life is the great teacher Thank goodness for no treatment week! I am now another shot down with only three more to go. I had also completed my first real round (3 doses) of Taxotere. Even though I still had 9 chemo sessions left, I looked at it as if there were only 3 more complete Taxoteres to go. I am over the halfway point of my chemo treatment and grateful to be there. Oh yeah!! What a difference a week makes... Even though I had already finished a tough treatment week, I was still in some pain. Regardless, I had to get back on routine. That meant getting the kids ready to start school again. That meant doing the mundane housework. That meant getting my body back up and moving. That meant trying to live a normal life!

Neulasta... we meet again!

Episode XXXIII - Scar tissue that I wish you saw... Neulasta Shot #5 Here I go again back to the center for the Neulasta shot. Oh, my nemesis! I had made the appointment early so that I could just get it over with and on with the side effects. I have found, for me, that the later I have treatments my nights tend to be worse. Chemotherapy begins with steroids and anti-nausea medicines which tend to keep me awake. Plus, the full on side effects of chemo kick in around 2-5 hours after treatment. I like to medicate myself as I hurt, not be woken up from sleep in pain. As for the Neulasta shot, if I take it early I can actually come home and eat without issue. Especially since I tend to get jaw pain. Usually by dinner it starts to kick in and I know what type of pain I will be dealing with. If I take it later in the afternoon, I just wake up mid-night in utter pain and it can take an hour before any medication kicks in. There was nothing like sitting up in the dark contemplating y

One full dose down... Three to go.

Episode XXXII - Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary Taxotere - 3rd Dose I had some company for treatment. Some awesome company that did have to wake up early, during summer, to hang out with his mom! At least one of us was excited about it. If you have not figured it out already, it was ME! He got up at 6 am to go with me and share the experience. We went through my normal routine of blood work, nurse practitioner visit, and scheduling. He got teased and tortured by all the ladies! And he took it very graciously. We finally made our way back to the chemotherapy treatment area and it was still very early. My wonderful son took great care of me. He got warm blankets, snacks, and water just for me when I needed it. He also had a few pretzel snacks himself! The benefits of providing such great care for his mom!