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Surgery Day

Episode LIV - There she goes again... (Be warned - Some images of my surgery & healing shown... ) I woke up bright an early (4:50 am) so that I could shower with my "special" soap (which I also used the night before) to help disinfect my body and prevent post-surgical infections. Then I got to put on a tube (yes, a tube) of lidocaine cream over my nipple. I started in the center and slowly and circularly worked my way outside of the nipple. And since I have had negative results with my port - I covered it up good. Then I put a large piece of Press n' Seal Saran Wrap over my nipple and breast. Finally, putting my bra directly on so that I would make sure it stayed in place for then next few hours. Of course the day before surgery I was sitting in the doctor's office with my daughter who had a serious asthma attack and would require care the next day. My mom who was going to go with me had to remain home with her, so thank goodness my friend was still p

Week 25 Update - First Stage Complete

LIII - my life is changing every day... First – Chemo’s Over! I am finished, yes finished, with chemotherapy. My almost 7 month torture session ended the last week in October. I should not call it torture, because I really had a lot of fun during treatments with my friend, but the after affects were definitely torturing. I wish I could say that since it was over so were those side effects. Unfortunately, they are plaguing me daily and have really been pretty relentless. I think I got every possible side effect (big and small) from the Taxotere. One of the main reasons I have been behind in my blog (besides fatigue) is that my hands have been challenging. My fingernails look as if I had taken hammers to each and every one of them and they feel that way as well – so all tasks using my fingers are difficult. Hence the later email, typing hurts!

To New Boob or Not to New Boob

LII - She's a beauty... After my earlier visit to the Breast Surgeon that morning, I realized I needed to learn more about the mastectomy process before making my final decision. I was still leaning towards the lumpectomy, but I felt like I needed to understand the full outcomes of a mastectomy and the process of reconstruction. I knew, for me, if I went that route I would want a set of new boobs.

Breast Surgery Discussion - Take 2

LI - where is my mind... (Boob Alert -  Illustrations of Lumpectomy & Mastectomy are included in this blog - you were warned) Neoadjuvant chemotherapy was now complete and it was time to discuss my MRI results and figure out the best course of action... lumpectomy or mastectomy. My original plan was the lumpectomy, but I was not going to rule any particular procedure out. So, I headed in bright and early to talk with the breast surgeon. Time to make up my mind... maybe?!

Post Neoadjuvant Chemo MRI

L - Screaming "let me out"... It was like déjà vu, I was at the Women's & Children's section of the hospital on a Monday night at 6:30 pm. I had been at the exact same place, on the same day, for the same reason in April! And just like then there were benefits to a late appointment, the hospital was basically empty. I was the only person waiting in the waiting room. Waiting at the hospital.