My cancer saga started when I was diagnosed at 38 with Stage 3 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. I have a twisted sense of humor and have tried to continue with laughter and optimism on my journey...

Post Neoadjuvant Chemo MRI

L - Screaming "let me out"...

It was like déjà vu, I was at the Women's & Children's section of the hospital on a Monday night at 6:30 pm. I had been at the exact same place, on the same day, for the same reason in April! And just like then there were benefits to a late appointment, the hospital was basically empty. I was the only person waiting in the waiting room.

Waiting at the hospital.

I made my way to the imaging department and waited until I was called back. And just like the last MRI I put on my two gowns and then had took my IV. I had opted for the IV in my right arm for two simple reasons - my port had been pricked and my left arm had been pricked already that day. Basically, I had to visit the doctor's office for blood work that morning because I had been running fevers for multiple days. They wanted to be sure that I was not getting any type of infection and I was not. So, today I had officially been stabbed by needles now in my left & right arms, as well as my port. Owww!

Pre-MRI IV line... Port & left arm had been used! Get ready right arm!

Once I made my way into the imaging room, I climbed up on the table, chest first. Then I dangled my breasts through the large square hole and two technicians adjusted my boobs until they were finally in the right position. There was nothing like laying in a downward dog type position with two people moving your breasts into position. I think the "mooing' sounds I made definitely lightened the mood!!!

My ears were plugged up, given headphone protection, and music was played... but the noise from the MRI machine was so loud. Nothing - not the ear plugs, headphones, or music - made the experience pleasant or quiet. While it was slightly better than the April MRI, it was still exhausting. Knowing what I was going to do might have been helpful, but the loud jackhammer noises only created more head wrenching discomfort as well as extra challenges to being still for 30 minutes!

If you are looking for more details about the MRI and procedures, check out my first MRI experience in April - click here.

Another MRI completed...

In my head...

I dread the MRI, but I love the results. It was the only imaging test that has really provided detailed information regarding the breast cancer. So, I feel more confident that I will understand how much the cancer has shrunk from the images it will provide. For that reason, I not only tolerate, but gladly tolerate the discomfort!

The main drawback to was that is was already getting dark when I headed out for my MRI and was extremely dark when I left. I was so tired and had a horrible headache from all of the noise. I just wanted to get home and get in bed!!!

“Every body has their taste in noises as well as other matters; 
and sounds are quite innoxious, or most distressing, 
by their sort rather than their quantity.” 
- Jane Austen, Persuasion

Episode Reference: Under Pressure, Queen & David Bowie song

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