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Oh lymphedema... you pain in my arm.

Episode CXV - has got me by my soul to squeeze I was never warned. No one talked about lymphedema. I never really understood what it truly was until I was diagnosed. I am not even sure all my medical providers understand it. How do I expect others to know? How can I help others understand it? It is every second of every minute of every day...

My oncology follow-up... a waste of time?

Episode CXIV - treats me like a rag doll I have come to really dread my oncology follow-up appointments. It is not because I am expecting bad news... nor good news... I think I am sick of no news.

Down the Hatch

Episode CXIII - going down in it It was time for my second diagnostic procedure to try and figure out my swallowing problems... the nasal endoscopy. Basically, the ENT was going to shove a narrow tube in my nose and down my throat to examine me from the inside. Seriously, I know you are jealous...