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Spring Breakers

Episode LXX - Girls, just wanna have fun It's time for spring break. My son was off in Texas, my husband was hard at work, and we (my daughter and myself) were headed east to Tennessee! Time to visit some family... and do fun touristy things. I had not driven very far since treatment, so I was slightly concerned. I mean the trip to the store 30 minutes away made my back ache. I could not imagine what hours would do. But I was up for it. I was up to it for my sweet little girl. She was desperately wanting to do something fun for the break, but I knew I was only up for fun with help from my mom.

What the Tamoxifen?!?!

Episode LXIX - ... maybe we'll find better days... Really Tamoxifen... really?!?! The first day I took the pill I was fine. I took it the afternoon I got it and went about my day. The next day I took my pill and was fine until that evening. However, as the day progressed I had an achy feeling. I thought, man I am sore today - I might need some Tylenol or something. I felt a little off. By that evening I had felt as if I had taken the Neulasta shot again. BAM! WHAM! HOLY MOLY! The bone pain was almost unbearable. I was completely shocked at how much I ached. It was like I ran smack into the pain wall all over again. I was hoping it was just a bad day...

A day of firsts...

Episode LXVIII - You can't always get what you want Oh Hair! Like most people trying to figure out what to do about it after cancer, it was finally time to face the world without my cancer cover-up. The kids shaved my hair after my 3rd chemo treatment and it remained bald for a long time. Each day since chemo treatment my hair grew... but it grew in with bald spots!