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Spring Breakers

Episode LXX - Girls, just wanna have fun

It's time for spring break. My son was off in Texas, my husband was hard at work, and we (my daughter and myself) were headed east to Tennessee! Time to visit some family... and do fun touristy things.

I had not driven very far since treatment, so I was slightly concerned. I mean the trip to the store 30 minutes away made my back ache. I could not imagine what hours would do. But I was up for it. I was up to it for my sweet little girl. She was desperately wanting to do something fun for the break, but I knew I was only up for fun with help from my mom.

And we are off...

Day 1 - The Zoo

Well of course I made it... the drive and I had a good nights rest. Thank goodness, because each day I planned at least one activity. I was not sure how capable I was, but I was up for the challenge for at least one thing per day. Even though my daughter and my mind were up for more things to do, I had to take it easy on my body.

About to go see some animals...

We went to the zoo! My mom, sister-in-law, and niece were there too. More hands. More help. Thank goodness!! We all had a great time looking at the animals. It was a small, but nice zoo. The animals were well taken care of and it was a lovely day. My daughter was so happy to be there and even more excited to share it with her cousin.

As for me, I noticed one thing - the sloth and I had some noticeable similarities...

Having a quick lunch before finishing our first adventure.

Day 2 - The Aquarium

I was so grateful for my mom's help. She endured the local tourist attractions for us... and even on a cold day. It snowed (well it flurried). The weather was not going to slow us down. We put on our coats and headed to the aquarium.

My mom and daughter.

The aquarium has two buildings. After we completed the first section we had to get some lunch. I was not sure I was up for the second building, but found a little reserved energy and we completed both sides. I will say that by the end of the second side I was pretty sore. My back felt like it had gone through the ringer.

Look who's in the Shark Tank...

Throughout the whole trip I had gone without a cancer cap. I was surprised at what that meant - it meant people were bumping into me left and right. I was getting cut-off and pushed. I finally had to use my mom as a protecting shield. I guess that should be a compliment that I look healthy or well. However, maybe I should wear my cancer cap like a giant beacon to keep people from running into me... don't want to catch the cancer!!!

Day 3 - Haircut

I got a haircut. A real haircut at a real salon. I guess I had just enough hair to actually be worth cutting. I was uncomfortable. I hate to admit that, but I was. Here I sat with basically no hair, looking almost like I had purposefully cut my hair this way and surrounded by "fancy" women. Not in a bad way, but in the I care about how I look and my flowing hair is bouncing around all carefree on on my head way. I looked like some child had taken clippers to my head... wait they did?!?!

Haircut - Walk - Still doing things on my down day...

I got my haircut  or should I say hair trim. I even found a bit of energy for a walk... which I probably should not have done. That afternoon I was exhausted. I was barely able to get up to go to my brother's house for dinner. Maybe I was over doing it slightly...

Day 4 - Creative Discovery Museum & Muppet Movie

Even though I was still tired and sore, we ventured out on our own to the children's museum. My daughter had a blast. We played and played and played until I thought I could play no more... of course, she could have kept going. We went for a nice late lunch at the restaurant where I had my first date with her dad.

Time for some food...

While I would normally call it a day we opted to go to a movie with her cousin. The girls were all about seeing The Muppets and each other. Sweet girls.

On the way to the car she talked me into walking back down for some Ben & Jerry's ice cream and to the aquarium to go over the stair bridge. We just enjoy the evening air and beautiful surroundings. I knew that I was going to pay for such a busy day, but it was worth it.

Getting another climb in before heading home...

In my head...

Even after all that I have been through, I pulled off a spring break vacation. I worried that my daughter would feel she didn't get a vacation since it was not the normal one, but she had so much fun. We did a lot and we got to visit with the people we love. And I could not have pulled it off without their help - thanks family!!!

2014 Spring Break or Bust...

We did it!!!

"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter." 
- E.E. Cummings

Episode Reference: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Cyndi Lauper song


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