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chemo. travel. fly. travel. stop.

QUICK RECAP Monday was a let's check in with Oncologist - only to get annoyed that I was not told about suspicious fluid around lung/heart found on 10/5 CT before now, the Onc said I could get a biopsy when his NP told me I couldn't the week before, and now it was probably too late get the biopsy since it may be gone because we waited too long. And my official check-in pre-visit appointment phone call with MD Anderson. My Checklist at the Start of Tuesday: Still a Lot to Do! TUESDAY Today is going to be a loooonnnggg day! I started with an early morning chemotherapy time, getting to the facility while it was still dark outside, around 6:35am... It was weirdly silent... I was the only one in the building (except for a security guard) for a bit. I was actually concerned that my 6:45/7am scheduled time for chemotherapy was incorrect and just randomly sitting at the cancer center.  I was even there before the front desk check-in staff arrived. Normally, the place is packed. So, wh

time to hold my beer

FYI - it's the start of a crazy week! Grab your drink, take a sip, and hold on tight - this week is going to be brutal!  I am scheduled for doctor's appointments every day this week - plus, it is my long 2 chemotherapies & immunotherapy treatment week on the same day I am flying to Houston, TX for my MD Anderson testing/doctor meeting week. Check Out My Week: I am going to need every bit of strength and energy I can find to get through this week. Originally, I was stubborn and said I could do the MD Anderson by myself... I reconsidered. While I could do, should I do it? I decided it was just too much for me while already in the throws of cancer treatment. MONDAY First off was the Oncologist. It is funny because I am excited when I learn something new... and no matter how many times you do this, each cancer gives you some lessons. Today, I learned something about my Port.  I am getting labs on Monday and treatment on Tuesday. Part of me didn't want to get poked in my por

cancer walk 2023

I am so proud of my family. They all participated in a local 5K cancer walk. Plus, we ran into some of our friends who were there in honor of me and other cancer fighters too! I felt so lucky.

the best laid schemes...

You make a plan, thinking it is all good... then bam, you wonder how you could be so stupid?!? So, it is my third week on chemo and it seemed like the perfect time to bring my daughter. It is early enough in treatment that I am not feeling as bad as I know I will. I know chemo treatment is cumulative, and I will feel worse as I go along. Plus, the Urologist gave me a copy of my CT results a few days ago. They didn't say anything and the Oncology group hasn't called me to say I have a problem. So, I'm going with the "no news if good news" theory.  I have warned my daughter multiple times about how boring going to treatment is... now she is about to find out what a boring long day of medical crap looks like. I warned her. I should have known it would be one of those days, since I was scheduled for an afternoon appointment. Treatment generally takes me at least 5 hours... so this seems like a bad scheduling issues before we even start. After getting my labs done and

from chemo to pee to future rad things

Another week of doctor's appointments and my 2nd week of chemo is complete. I spent about 5-6 hours getting 2 chemotherapies (check me on picture to right, headed into treatment on a very early Tuesday morning). I am super proud of myself. It was a long day, and I have some issues with nausea so they have to push the chemotherapies a bit slower to help me out. And despite feeling pretty tired, right after chemo, I went to the Urologist... well actually his NP. I am not sure if the appointment was successful or not. Mainly, she just prescribed me medicine.  Why? Who doesn't want to hear about my pee issues?!? Not that I hold back from the insanity that revolves around my life and cancer. Plus, I think it is good to share that cancer causes crazy side effects - so others know they are not alone. For me, this cancer go-round, I happen to have bladder issues. My ability to hold pee is going haywire... mainly at night. Because why not? It's not like I don't already have enou