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wreck, boom, bang

Life... so much has happened in my life since the last blog post. However, I had to write for a few reasons, but for now, I am going to focus on a few recent events. Hopefully, my journey might be what inspires or encourages someone out there to be their own best health advocate.  It is kind of long, so I will share in a 3 Part journey. PART ONE You know you the best. And I had a sneaky feeling, something was off with me. I have had a few weird and annoying symptoms pop up around April this year. I fussed and complained to all my doctors. And in the back of my mind, I wondered. Maybe, just maybe, I was having some unconscious psychosomatic issues because I am right at the 10 year mark of finding my cancer. Was it all in my head? I didn't have long to ponder the problem long. Life hit. My daughter got injured at camp. My son finished grad school and moved back home. My dad got really sick (not sure how much he wants me to discuss - but it has been tough). Hospital trips. Doctor appo