My cancer saga started when I was diagnosed at 38 with Stage 3 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. I have a twisted sense of humor and have tried to continue with laughter and optimism on my journey...

Squish. Squish. Repeat...

Episode LXXVIII - duh-nu-nuh-nuh-na

My boobs were slightly off... literally and figuratively. My left breast was past due for an annual mammogram and my right breast still had a month or two to go. So last visit with the Radiation Oncologist he scheduled my mammogram in between those times, so for the end of June. Mainly that was because post-surgery and post-radiation the mammogram could be more painful than normal. Sweet!

I would have kept that appointment and given myself some more healing time, but life happens. My husband was switching contracts/companies again and I wanted to get the mammogram covered by our current insurance since we had already met the out-of-pocket max.

I did mention again. Seriously, we have gone through 3 insurances during my cancer treatment... meaning we had already met 4 out-of-pocket deductibles (3 insurance changes in 2013 & 1 it's a new year deductible in 2014). And yes, we reached the out-of-pocket max amount on all 4 insurances... I will have to write about that craziness another day. Cancer was definitely not cheap but, at least we have insurance!

Time to get my squishing on...

I had another face-palm-where-was-my-brain moment. And here I thought I was being extra awesome...

My gyno wanted the images of my bilateral cysts so that when she did an ultrasound in a few weeks she would have something to compare it to. I planned to take the copy of my CT images because her office was in the same building as the mammogram imaging. I left early, dropped off the CD, and I arrived early for my appointment at 9:30 am. See great organizational awesomeness... right?

When I signed in the nurse commented on the fact that I was early. I explained how I was dropping off something at the gyno office when she let me know that my appointment was for 11:30. I was sure it was 9:30. I had told myself multiple times that time and mentally planned that morning for days. I was so sure that when I sat down to fill out my paperwork that I checked my phone calendar (which essentially holds my life schedule) and there it was... Mammogram 11:30... Face-Palm!!!

They worked me in and I made my way back to change into the gowns. It was empty when I first got there. Last time the office was packed... today there were just a few women. And each women (only 2 while I was there) had been called back to be scanned again because of concerns.We talked and I tried to ease their minds. I shared my experience and tried to reassure her. Hope my crazy experience made them less nervous... or at least made them feel better.

Then my name was called, my turn. I got squished horizontal. I got squished vertical. Now repeat on the other breast. Then I got additional squishing... bonus right boob squishing!

It was just like my original exam except that I had to have additional scans on my right breast. Those plates were smaller and more intense. I suppose it hurt some, but compared to everything I have been through... easy.

Then I sat down and waited for them to review the images. My recent CT scan showed nothing so I was not worried. The nurse called my name to talk... she was all secretive. Turns out she was worried that I was not going to have insurance since I moved my appointment. She wanted me to understand that I had to come back in six months for another mammogram and was worried about the costs. I reassured her that I would be back in six months and that my insurance was not gone, just changing. Other than that, I was clear to leave....

In my head...

Sure the mammogram was uncomfortable, but definitely not in my top painful experiences. I lost a tiny section of skin under my right breast, but under-wire bras create that problem too. At least I had another 6 months before going through it again... and more time for my skin to heal.

A clear mammogram. No signs of lumps or trouble. Good news!

Happiness is not something readymade.
It comes from your own actions.
- Dalai Lama

Episode Reference: PeeWee's Big Adventure, Tequila dance

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