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Family fun... shaving mom's head!

Episode XIX: I think I am going bald...

It was time to make my impending baldness a fun family event - we all decided to cut my hair together. I wanted the hair loss to be a good memory and not something traumatic for the kids. What a better way than to let them cut my hair. A normal taboo thing to do, my kids were pumped about cutting my hair. Maybe too excited...


I am going to hand over scissors to these two???

My hair was falling out in bulk and it was becoming more of a hassle than it was worth. I was sick of dealing with it, so it was time. The main rules...

1. Don't cut off mom's ears.
2. Stop if I say stop... since my bones are still sore.
3. Don't cut anybody else's hair - even your own!
4. Cut it any way you like - really - have fun with it.

After determining that it was going to be a messy undertaking, we opted to move the salon session to the back porch. Then we turned on some music and I turned over the scissors over to the kids. They began creating their masterpiece!

The first cut is the deepest... Cat Seven's song

My kids were having way to much fun... 
Walking on Sunshine, Katrina & The Waves song

After some time and hair falling, they came to my first new hairdo. It was the first of many looks... a semi-punk hairstyle!

Hey Ho. Let's Go.... more hair to cut. 
Blitzkrieg Bog, Ramone's song

The shorter my hair got - the more the chunks that had fallen out were noticeable. My special manged hair was being cut even more special, by my favorite people. The scissors eventually turned into an electric razor. And then it happened, I officially had the shortest hair in the entire family!!

Time for my second style, an almost military high-and-tight!

My backyard barber station making me well, less like me, and more like jarhead...

We aren't done yet... I still haven't found what I am looking for, U2 song

We can do better! That military style was too uptight for me... we could still have more fun with my hair. Come on kids get more creative... Let your imaginations run wild! They transformed my next style from a Mohawk into a Momhawk!!!

My new Momhawk... 
It's the end of the world (my hair) as we know it... REM song

I must admit, the Mohawk was pretty cool to have for a few minutes. However, in the end that tiny strip of hair would fall out too. So cut it... cut it all! After taking a good look at myself, I immediately knew my new Cancer Parentage...

In my head...

What a great day! We all had so much fun and really rocked out to what could have been a shocking situation. I am not sure if my kids would be good future hairstylists, but they did have a lot of fun altering my look. We laughed through the whole process and everyone got a chance to take some of my mangy hair off. While I haven't shaved off the stubble, I can't imagine it will last too much longer!

It was a pretty simple day with a very simple inspiration...

"If you want to be happy, be." - Leo Tolstoy

Episode Reference: I Think I am Going Bald, Rush song


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