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A Different Point of View

Vol. 9 - Another Perspective Cancer does not just affect you. It is not just your sex life that is affected. Your partner is also along for this cancer journey. The role of care giver is hard and often overlooked. The care giver is coping with everything you are, just in a different way. Not only are they impacted by caring for you, they are facing many unsure possibilities. Their emotions are as erratic as yours. Your partner is in the cancer trenches with you, so remember to give them a break if they seem tired or weary or possibly unsure as to handle intimacy. Considering everything you have gone through and all the changes you have faced with cancer, it is normal for you to have fear-based questions in your head. Does s/he find me attractive? How can s/he, if I don't feel attractive? And considering everything your partner has gone through, it is normal for them to have fear-based questions in his/her head. Will I hurt you? What feels good now? How do I make