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Colon-bend-over-and-take-it Day!

Episode LXXIII - Oh you gonna let it all hang out... Nothing says good morning like more colon prep juice. I was back holding my nose and drinking some funky lemon-lime mixture right after I got the kids off to school. Rather than re-hash an hour long drinkfest... I think my previous blog entry covered that concept at nausea!! My mother was on her way into town to take me to the procedure and having had multiple colonoscopies in the past gave, she gave me some good advice - make the drink slightly earlier and put it in the fridge to help with the taste... at least for a while. By the time she arrived, I had pretty much emptied out my system. The only fluid coming out my backside was pretty clear. On a positive, I was not hungry. Going to the bathroom that much made the idea of food repulsive. Before we left I got to open a wonderful surprise gift from one of my mom's friends... a Dammit Doll. They are hysterical, check it out here . I got a few swings in before we headed o

Colon Prep + Tornado Warnings

Episode LXXII - Howdy Ho... Well it was finally time for the dreaded colonoscopy prep. I had spent the past few days limiting my food to a specific list which was basically designed to be items that would be less likely to get all caught up in the digestive tract. Boring! I even went to the awesome local arts festival and had to restrain myself from red beans n' rice... my favorite!!!! Really, I seriously could have gone for some red beans n' rice. So, I had managed to eat minimally for the past few days and now I was resigned to my clear liquid diet. More Boring!

1 Year Later...

Me and cancer... Sill fighting. Still laughing. Still living. Last year on April 17, 2013 I felt a lump in my right breast. I went to the doctor the next day and by April 24th was diagnosed with cancer. What a year it has been! The past year has felt both short and long. I cannot believe that I have done what I have in a year. Wow, I have been through a lot! However, it often feels as if more time had to happen because so much went on during the year. On the other hand it could not have been a year...

New day. New doctor.

Episode LXXI - They send a camera up your uh-oh... I am going to start collecting doctors... really. I should have some weird collecting cards for all the different medical genres that I have been to during the past year. Today, I went to the Gastroenterologist... meaning nothing fun can come from the visit!