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The key to great sex... even with cancer

Vol 3 - Communication is KEY With  Sex Ed 101  over, it's time to focus on what might be the most important tip in creating a great sex life... communication. Right now you are thinking I am crazy. How do words create great sex? The truth is that sex is about communication. Discussing your needs, your fears, your desires, your wants, your don't wants, or your pleasures. Communication is the key to a successful sex life. Cancer creates so many issues. And how are we to know how we will react until we actually do? Cancer creates unplanned issues, not only on you, but on those around you. Sometimes the idea of sharing more problems or fears with your partner seems like another unfair burden to add on them. Some people can talk and share everything, while others withdraw. He sees you at your worst... post-surgical, scar-ridden, bald, while hurling over the toilet... and let's be honest, that isn't even the worst he is going to see. And his mindset has gone fro