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Radiation Week 4

Episode LXI: Dancing through the fire It's time to celebrate! I have made it over the halfway point. I am on the last half of my radiation cycle... and planning to get through the next 3 weeks with the same love and laughter... I am over halfway complete with radiation!!! My skin was still irritated and began to get itchy. I was in a mental drama of wanting desperately to scratch my chest, but knowing that any time I actually touched it I hurt. So, I kept my hands to myself. I did end up scratching at other parts of my body as a way to alleviate that desire. I know crazy!?!?

Radiation Week 3

Episode LX: There's a darkness upon me that's flooded in light Another week was officially over... 3 weeks (15 zaps) completed!!! I was only a few days away from being midway through my radiation treatment... I am almost halfway there... I found that I was getting a darker version of pink on my treatment area, but mainly around the top of my chest, under the breast, and on my nipple. Everything was darkening. Everything was more sensitive. Everything was more painful to the touch. Don't touch that!!!

Radiation Week 2

Episode LIX: It's Friday I'm in LOVE... So another week down... another 5 zaps... 10 total radiation treatments!!! 2 weeks & 10 zaps down... I have continued to have the same skin discomforts, but enjoy the good conversations with technicians and other fellow radiation patients. However, I am one of the young ones getting breast cancer radiation in or around my scheduled time. I keep saying to myself that my youthful energy is an asset!!! Smiling through my treatments... go week 2!

Radiation Week 1

Episode LVIII: [Fire] is a mystery... What a week... my first week of radiation treatment was done! I went every morning after taking the kids to school and got my zap on. Each day was something new this week... yet the radiation process had a similar routine: 1. Use awesome radiation card to register myself into the office. The card was credit card size, but had a bar code that was programmed to contain all my radiation information. It essentially told the machine, hey she's here and this is her zap plan... like I said cool. 2. Change into hospital gowns. I would take off my clothes and put them into my Rad Bag and change into two gowns. 3. Use awesome radiation card again before entering treatment room. That card is really cool. I guess they want to make sure it was me before it zaps me! 4. Hop onto the zapping table. I would remove my gowns and place my head and upper body into my body mold. While laying down on the slab my knees were supported and my feet were lo

New Year, New Start... 1st Radiation

Episode LVII: I fell into a ring of fire... and it burns, burns, burns It was now a new year and I was ready to get the final treatment started. Ready to be completely cancer free!!! I went the Friday before treatment into the radiation office to get the last films before starting treatment. The location where I thought I was going to have treatment was changed and I was headed to a new center. While the center was closer, it was almost hidden in the basement level of the medical center. I think they were trying to hide the troublemakers there... like me!