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Radiation Week 4

Episode LXI: Dancing through the fire

It's time to celebrate! I have made it over the halfway point. I am on the last half of my radiation cycle... and planning to get through the next 3 weeks with the same love and laughter...

I am over halfway complete with radiation!!!

My skin was still irritated and began to get itchy. I was in a mental drama of wanting desperately to scratch my chest, but knowing that any time I actually touched it I hurt. So, I kept my hands to myself. I did end up scratching at other parts of my body as a way to alleviate that desire. I know crazy!?!?

Skin is ranging from pink to brownish-pink...

My pain was still there and starting earlier in the week than last week. I was beginning to hurt sooner. Since the radiation was constantly accumulating the earlier pain kind of made sense... however, no one likes to hurt. I was making weird pain faces, adjusting my clothes, and being somewhat grumpy (on occasion).

In the process of all this radiation, my hair was growing back. It had a nice mange appearance at first and I had to try a product to help stimulate hair growth (Nutri-Ox, click here to learn about it on from my radiation tips page). It helped. My hair was growing faster within a week. And now I actually had hair...

See... I have some hair... some...

Next week I get to go back to the main office to get more scans. I am almost ready for my radiation booster series, where they will isolate my treatment to specific areas. My last 7 zaps will be based on those scans. I am finally at the point where I can begin to hear about the end!

4 weeks & 20 zaps down...

In my head...

I am at the turning point of my radiation treatment. While I am hurting in more ways than I expected, I am so close to the finish.

My pain has increased and it is challenging to press on to do outside-the-house activities, but it would take a lot to slow me down. General things that were not issues (seat belts, booth heights, purse straps, hugs, etc) have become more painful. Basically anything that touches you both expectedly or unexpectedly can create pain. However, I will always take hugs from my kids! Always!!!

I did venture out to my daughter's reading program and got to enjoy an amazing performance and walk in a parade with her. I cannot imagine not going. I am lucky to be going. I am lucky to be alive!

At my little girl's school program! 
She is the cutest owl cowgirl ever!!

"Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; 
they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom." 
- Marcel Proust

Episode Reference: Roar, Katy Perry song
(In honor of My Bean, she loves that song)


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