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Shot felt around the body!

Episode XXV: Still Alive Here I go again, back to the Cancer Center. Back for another Neulasta shot. Back for another mysterious injection of bone pain. I was lucky enough to have little, or almost no time, to think about what was ahead, as my appointment was early and a friend was taking me. So, by all accounts I was looking forward to at least some of my treatment... good company. I was fortunate to have many laughs and good conversation to keep my mind off my very near future. As usual, the pain and discomfort hit a bit later. Somewhere around mid-day I began noticing the slight cringe of pain in my feet and knees. Eventually, the sore aches and pain make arthritis discomfort seem like a mild nuisance. However, I was sideswiped with something not as common on the 'shot day'... nausea. Nothing like combining severe body pain with vomiting. Really, who doesn't enjoy the hurling motion while every ounce of their body feels like it was beaten with a baseball bat?

Last dose of AC!

Episode XXIV: Right here, Right now... Time to partake in history... my last round of AC Chemo! I headed into the Cancer Center after lunch to have my last AC Chemo treatment. First I met with the doctor and we discussed symptoms and side effects. Blah! Blah! I have side effects. I try and deal with side effects. Chemo sucks. Let's move on! Apparently, I have managing these treatments well. I was even complemented on how well I was handling the AC from the doctor. Seems my positive attitude and odd sense of humor was helping me out more than I realized. Focusing on my motto "it could be worse" has made me focus on how lucky I am overall.

Week 5 Update... 3 down. 1 to go.

Episode XXIII:  We are such stuff... I managed to make it through another chemo treatment! Yay! I will admit that on my drive in last week, I was like "Do I really have to do this again?" I really hate when they jab that needle into my port. I really hate the side effects. But whatever... I put on my big girl panties and my bald girl cap and made the best of it! Chemo cap on... ready to go! The treatment went as well as could be expected. The side effects were tolerable. Of course I felt bad - but I am feeling better! It seems that every week new things just creep up on me, like rashes, constipation, and so many other things. The quirks of chemo never cease to amaze!!

Triple dose... Neulasta shot #3

Episode XXII: Gotta Get Up and Try Try Try I got my toxic butt out of bed and made my way to my afternoon appointment. With only a consistent mildly nauseated stomach, I headed out for my 3rd Neulasta shot. The one great thing about the appointment was how fast it was. I basically walk in, sign in, take a pass, walk to short-term treatment, and pick out a seat. Super fast and involves no blood work or payment. One positive about that treatment.

Third times a charm!

Episode XXI: "But man is not made for defeat..." Chemo Round 3 Prior to my 3rd chemo treatment, I had to get prepared. The night before I placed on my anti-nausea patch on my left arm (alternating arms each treatment). Once I got up in the morning the edges were already loose so I had to tape down the edges. My arm will look like some crazed medical dilemma this week. So, about an hour before leaving I put on my numbing medicine so that when the needle was placed into the port it would be mildly less painful. Mildly. However I did learn the hard way, use ample medicine and press-n-seal Saran wrap made into a tiny bubble so not to press the medicine flat. The flatter the numbing medicine, the less effective it would be.

Week 3 Update... 1/2 way there!

Episode XX: Never Despair. Never Surrender. 2 treatments down and 2 to go… well for AC chemotherapy. So, during the last treatment the doctor gave me more anti-nausea medicines which helped some, even though they had some not fun side effects of their own. In the end it was about the lesser of two evils. Being ill or having severe constipation. Not sure which was worse as neither was fun to deal with. While I had my normal hug-a-bucket moment, I did not have anything come up. Yeah! Then the proceeding shot caused the bone pain, but it was manageable… after a day or two ;) Of course they are pumping me full of steroids and other medicine so my “cancer diet” isn’t working out. Even though I get so sick, I don’t want to even discuss or think about food… I can’t manage but basic carbs (toast, mashed potatoes, mac n cheese) which only works against me. Darn Carbs (while raising hands in frustration)!!! And my taste buds were all whacked out so things I normally love were unbearable

Family fun... shaving mom's head!

Episode XIX: I think I am going bald... It was time to make my impending baldness a fun family event - we all decided to cut my hair together. I wanted the hair loss to be a good memory and not something traumatic for the kids. What a better way than to let them cut my hair. A normal taboo thing to do, my kids were pumped about cutting my hair. Maybe too excited...