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Cost of Cancer

Episode XCIV - If I had a $1,000,000... There is nothing like returning from a vacation to bills. When we went to Florida earlier this month I had the post office hold our mail. I thought I might have some of my normal life bills, a bunch of junk mail, and a few medical bills. I was wrong! A lot of bills can stack up in one week. It was not like I had lovely letters and interesting magazines... I had multiple envelopes and multiple large packages that were all related to my medical life. At this point they do not even send EOBs in business size letter envelopes, they arrive in large catalog size envelopes. And it seems that multiple envelopes in a variety of sizes were delivered...

3 S's - Swim, Sleeve, Shoes

Episode XCIII - swim until you can't see land Between the joint/bone pain, the lymphedema swelling, and the nervous system issues I felt like I was unable to do anything. Everything hurt. Everything was hard. I had to do something... some type of exercise. After discussing it with my OT, she recommended swimming. With an exercise option in place and my family getting me a Y membership for my birthday I was off to the pool. For some reason I had totally forgotten about water exercise. I think I mentally blocked the idea of swimming because it would require me to get into a swimsuit in front of other people. However at this point do I even care??? NO!

The Big 40

Episode XCII - Oh, I'm getting older too Another Birthday... but this one officially says that I am over the hill...