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From A to DD...

Vol. 4.2 - It's My Body, Boobs Body image and breast cancer… many things that define women as sexual beings are affected with breast cancer. Whether a lumpectomy or mastectomy, your body is altered, scarred, and changed. My last blog post focused on hair and self-image… and how hair is tied to our perception of beauty. Hair is MINOR compared to breasts. Boobs are everywhere. Think about what things our culture contributes to female sexiness. A great set of boobs is seen as one of the essential parts of female beauty in our society. There were countless images I found, both pornographic and satirical, when I googled breasts. No wonder we have so many issues with our boobs! Unfortunately, women have worry about their physical appearance constantly. Breast cancer affects all or almost all of the things that make women feel like women… it takes what socially defines us as attractive… and it is hard. These repercussions of breast cancer can make you question your own self-imag

It starts from the top...

Vol. 4.1 - It's My Body, Hair Body image! How a woman feels about herself affects her sexuality. Feeling beautiful and have self-confidence leads to better sex. I am unable to address all body image topics in one post. There are so many issues that women face due to breast cancer. I mean, our bodies go through a lot of changes. Body Image: Hair One of the first questions people ask is, "Are you going to loose your hair?" The bald head is difficult for some women. And it is easy to understand why... just watch TV long enough and you will see ladies with their long luscious hair. Flipping it one way and then another. We have had outside sources telling us for years that hair helps define the perception of a beautiful woman. We all can say (and deep-down know) that beauty is way more than hair. BUT there is an actual feeling of loss as the your locks hit the floor. It is scary. It is empowering. It is loss. Sure you tell yourself: you don't have to pay