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Relay x2

Episode LXXX - Tonight's the night... let's live it up

My family and I packed up our car and made our way to celebrate in my hometown, Chattanooga, TN, for the Relay for Life event. I knew I was going to have a long, but fun day. By the time we arrived I was already worn out, but found comfort on a sofa at my brother's house... sofa...

My mom was busy organizing and prepping for the event. My brother was off to help her. And my husband and sister-in-law got the privilege of taking all the kids to the pool... which we all know means they would be exceptionally worn out later. Not the kids, the adults!!!

My TaTa Warriors...

It was our second Relay for Life event and we were going to meet up with the many (and I mean many) people who have been sending me love from home over the past year.

I spent the evening talking. There were so many people to hug and thank. I talked so much I didn't get to eat until after everyone had left. I talked so much that I started to lose my voice. I am a talker and I talked so much that I could not believe I talked that much.

I got to see some friends I had not seen in years and amazed that they still look the same... really some people do not age!!! I am also glad that even after extended periods that we can pick back up in conversation and feel as if no time has passed.

My mom has a wonderful support group in her friends and they all were kind enough to make their way down on a Saturday night to show me how much they cared. Even those close to my dad through work were there to support him and me. I was feeling the love!

Of course, my crazy family in Chattanooga all showed up. It was great to visit with my uncle, aunt, cousin, and her husband. My dad is a twin and any time those two are together loud laughter and tall tales are told. My mom, dad, brother, sister-in-law, and kids were all there adding to the fun. We were definitely a happy team and causing all kinds of chaos!

As my cousin said... this family is no way normal!

Twin trouble... my uncle, cousin, me, & my dad

My brother who hung around the longest & the silly hat lap participants 

I have no idea how much I walked, maybe only a few laps, but mostly spent my time enjoying my family and friends. I only hope that I got a chance to properly thank each one of them. If I did not - then thank you (virtual hug)!!!

Walking a lap with a few of my warriors...

While our goal was not primarily fundraising, so many people who came were generous. They had collected money to go the American Cancer Society. They had already supported me last month and now were so willing to do it again. Also, I had created a piece of artwork to be auctioned off at the event at our team booth. I was delighted that it went home with someone I truly believe will cherish it... you know who you are... be prepared my dad might steal it off your wall!!!

Chattanooga on my mind...

The night was full of fun. I even went out and did some Cupid Shuffle dance... which I had never done before. I am not sure I was dancing, but I was moving... and every ounce of me hurt. It was so worth it!

Slowly people had to leave and in the end it was just my brother and husband lingering with me during the candlelight ceremony. The building went dark and silent. A young child began to sing and they began to have people light candles in honor of those who lost their fight, for those still fighting, and those who have survived. We each had an opportunity to light a candle and it was a solemn reminder of how very lucky I am.

In my head....

It was amazing to see everyone. It was great to laugh out loud with my friends. And I was thrilled to be out past my normal bedtime.

Me all fresh and rested... on the way to the event.

I admit that these events wear me out... I could sleep for days afterwards. Who knows if I am even conscious writing the blog post now. However, I would not have missed it for the world!!!

“Home is the place where, when you have to go there, They have to take you in.” 
- Robert Frost

Episode Reference: I've gotta feeling, The Black Eyed Peas song


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